This is a NSW Government initiative to encourage sporting organisations to take a sensible approach to alcohol consumption and has now included smoking.

Fernhill has achieved a Level 3 recognition from the "Good Sports" Council for our continued support of their initiatives.
Ray Robinson Field is a "No Smoking" facility meaning that no smoking at all within the perimeter fence. Butt trays have been placed at both entrances to extinguish and dispose of your cigarettes safely and environmentaly friendly.

Supporters please read more and then look at our sponsors page.!


I have started up-loading some historical photos -- mainly past squads -- this will be a work in progress -- so visit as many times as you feel and submitt any questions etc.

I will endeavour to post names etc with the photos, however, first things first.

PLEASE NOTE ! it is better to look at our "Foxes Foto" site to see the complete list that we currently have. We would appreciate any Fernhill photos that you would care to lend us.



Hello All,

as promised : we are trying to improve all the time -- DO YOU WANT TO PRINT ??

On the top contents bar is a section "Downloads" this will give you access to pdf files for viewing and printing.

Currently are the Youth Cup Rules and Draw -- see what you think -- feedback welcome.